Designbar is Trending

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There’s a lot happening at designbar and we’re ready to celebrate! Some important things:  We’re staying busy!  We are still going strong working with our favorite new client, who is a global leader in rental housing. We have been working with them since April of this year and recently completed the Design Development and [...]

Complementary Colors: The Beauty of Contradiction

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Do you and your significant other struggle with color selection and design because you both like totally different colors? It could still work! You like blue, he likes orange… perfect. Now let’s pair it together. In the world of color, contradictions make beautiful and inspirational statements. We have all heard the term “opposites attract”…. You [...]

Spring Cleaning: Are You Ready to Declutter Your Life?

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The weather is sunny, the sun is warm, flowers are blooming and everyone is generally in a peppy mood. Instead of only getting rid of things you don’t need or want this year, how about some organization about the things you do want while you’re at it? No matter the size of your house or [...]

For the Love of Color

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This week Designbar is taking on our favorite subject: Color! In the next few weeks we are digging deeper into the world of color schemes, and we’re starting with one of our faves: Monochromatic! Is there one particular color that you absolutely LOVE and can’t live without? Let’s take a look at how that one [...]

Eight is Enough

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In design, variations on a theme often signify deeper meanings and context, the subtly of which must be slowly massaged from the space by the person experiencing it. For the designer, this is the act of the art, gleaning purpose and meaning where none existed before. In China, “eight” is considered a very lucky number; [...]

Look up!

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Sometimes I walk into a beautifully decorated and arranged room and I take a few minutes to really pay some attention to the detail and take it all in. Then I look up and … I see NOTHING. A lonely little light fixture or an antiquated brass fan maybe, if I am lucky. It is [...]