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There’s a lot happening at designbar and we’re ready to celebrate!

Some important things: 

We’re staying busy! 

  • We are still going strong working with our favorite new client, who is a global leader in rental housing. We have been working with them since April of this year and recently completed the Design Development and CD phase phase for two properties in the Charlotte NC area.  In addition, we just signed two new exciting projects with them in the Atlanta region. This month we are visiting both sites as well as fine tuning the general design direction and work on their new schematics. 
  • In other news, the new HQ building of our lovely corporate client is almost done. We just visited the site here in Charlotte to see the progress. The drywall is up, so completion is near. Fun fact: Their furniture is coming almost exclusively from Italy, so you know it will look absolutely amazing. 

New Team Members! 

Meet Grace Rainsford, our new Office Assistant. She has a background in fashion design, tons of office management experience, and will help us execute back office tasks, procurement, and also give us a fresh perspective on our design research.

Meet Cassie Younts, our new Interior Designer! Cassie has over four years of experience in hospitality design, and excels when it comes to project management, conceptual designs, construction documentation, and overall execution.

Have a new project in mind? Contact us!

One really BIG thing! 

Monika, an enormous fan and long-time attendee of the High Point Market, was recently selected as a 2022 Style Spotter for the iconic and world-renowned furniture show. This is a great honor as Monika has been a fan, attendee and guest of the event for many years! She’s excited to be alongside 9 other design experts for the year 2022. Read all about it.

“I am so excited! I have enjoyed supporting and visiting HPMKT for years. To become an actual contributor is the ultimate compliment and major career milestone.” – Monika

Check out the 2021 Fall Style Spotters and follow along to see Monika featured!

Our October Mantra 

“Color is the place where our brains and the universe meet” – Paul Klee

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