Eight is Enough

In design, variations on a theme often signify deeper meanings and context, the subtly of which must be slowly massaged from the space by the person experiencing it. For the designer, this is the act of the art, gleaning purpose and meaning where none existed before.

In China, “eight” is considered a very lucky number; it expresses the totality of the universe. In Japan the number “8” means multiplicity and stands for becoming increasingly prosperous over time. In both of these cultures, Eight represents a harmony of spirit, a centering on yourself and your environment. It represents completeness.

Eight Sushi BarWe considered these themes for Designbar’s latest design concept: Eight Sushi & Asian Restaurant. At Designbar we love the meaning behind Eight, so we are using this within our design concept. Not only do we use the Japanese sign for 8 as part of the logo within various locations throughout the restaurant (branded into the table tops, as part of a feature wall element, integrated into a custom wall paper design, etc), we also have 8 or multiples of 8 within the restaurant design itself.

Eight Sushi BarThe back dining area features a wall of 8 cubbies with illuminated acrylic graphic panels. Each graphic panel depicts a dynamic and highly engaging element of Eastern culture. However, we wanted this space to be fun as well as relaxing: the mix of splash art and urban tones belie the beauty of the space itself.

For the front banquette we chose to use a well-known Maharam textile for the upholstery. The pattern within the textile resembles the number 8 if put horizontal, which also reminds the viewer of the mathematical meaning of infinity.

Eight Sushi BarBesides the obvious relation to the name of the restaurant, the concept of using repetition to create rhythm within interior design is a popular design principle for good reason. The intent is to relate visual elements together in a regular pattern. All of this is linked in a subtle yet powerful way to give patrons the sense of harmony and completeness.

In designing Eight, we are creating a marriage of culture: of East and West, of new and old, all balanced under the inevitable harmony of Eight.

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