Some like it rough …

Texture, texture, texture. 
Oh, what would we do without texture in design? Layering textures plays a quintessential role in creating a successful design. I particularly love the trend of using unexpected materials as interior wall treatments. That’s right, people. Wood doesn’t just have to be on the floor. You can go crazy with any material, wood, stone, metal, you name it. Using texture on a wall creates visual stimulation and makes any room look interesting.

But before you get started, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Here is a good rule of thumb to consider:

Texture affects not just the way an interior feels, but also the way it looks. In general, rough textures look warm and natural, while smooth textures appear cold and formal.

Now, we all know that budget can be a major constraint when it comes to design. For a low cost alternative, check out the latest and greatest wallpaper designs such as the one below from I recently used this white/yellow stone wall in one of my designs and my clients absolutely love it.


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