Las Vegas Furniture Trends – 3D Comes Home

Accessories don’t just consist of a painting on the wall you cousin made during a wine tasting event, or even those vases scattered around the house waiting to be dusted. Now wall art is 3D…with texture, color, a little bit of spunk, and a little bit of funk! Not only does the artwork entice  you to reach out and feel them, they can add 3d drama to a 2d space. In the age of reductionism, this is having your 3d cake and eating it, too.

Created by playing with how light interacts with the angular textures, the shapes and contours of the sculptural wall art reflect and shade light from accent lighting, which gives a bold contrast of light and dark. It’s important to note here that this elegant marriage of forms capture the essence of interior design: the sum is becomes greater than the parts. Light, texture, color, and negative space all play a critical role in achieving 3-dimensionality. Expect to see more of this type of artwork meets design as we move forward with the interior design evolution of 2015 at Designbar!

Las Vegas FurnitureCheck out these cool Wallflowers in a rusty red finish by Watson & Co. We just found these little gems at the Las Vegas Winter Furniture market. Don’t they make you feel like you want to run through a field of flowers?

Las Vegas FurnitureAnother piece that caught our attention are these broken egg wall art pieces by the Phillips Collection. To us they look like they could have a dual purpose and be used as secret cubby holes. They also are a little reminiscent of Willy Wonka … does a golden egg come to mind? Art is often about a playful expression of oneself. What better way than to escape into your inner child?

Las Vegas FurnitureSpeaking of lighting, have you noticed how much lighting has evolved? Lighting isn’t just a can in the ceiling as merely a necessity anymore. Lighting fixtures are being designed as works of art with intention and aesthetic. There really is a science to lighting as it is a whole study in itself. In your home, it is important to have different types of lighting (floor lamps, table lamps and directional accent lighting also called ambient lighting) instead of one center ceiling fixture to light the whole area. This gives you more control of the lighting intensity and creates a variety of lit and shaded areas in the home that is more soothing and comfortable to the eye.

Las Vegas FurnitureAt Las Vegas Market we particularly fell in love with this whimsical and very playful fixture; a perfect counter play to a large rustic farm table. Another trend we noticed for 2015 is clustering accessories, wall art, and furniture.

In furniture, multi-tiered tables give you a variety of heights to display pictures, collectibles etc, and also breaks up what is usually a chunky end table. They are often small and can be moved around the space depending on the where it is needed. You can cluster tables that aren’t the same material or shape but still different heights. Trying to not be “matchy-matchy” is the key.

Las Vegas FurnitureYou may also have noticed that vintage is and has been “in” for the past year. Well, it is here to stay. Check out this great example that we saw at Europe 2 You. Clustering class jugs and jars together that are different colors and textures, but they have great harmony and aesthetic all together.

Las Vegas FurnitureLastly, how could you pass an installation like this? We saw this beauty at the Christopher Guy showroom and were floored. Just gorgeous, don’t you think?!! Mirrors don’t always have to be just in the bathroom. They add dimension by reflecting light in the room whether it is natural or artificial and work well in small spaces by making the room feel visually larger. Oh, and they are wall art too! Did you also notice the amazing blown glass light sculpture in this shot? Chihuly, anyone?

Las Vegas FurnitureSo, if you are in the market to bring in some fresh air into your space, rethink accessories and light. Bring some texture, dimensional, and unique art into the space that can completely transform the style with a few different design elements.

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