Look up!

Sometimes I walk into a beautifully decorated and arranged room and I take a few minutes to really pay some attention to the detail and take it all in. Then I look up and … I see NOTHING. A lonely little light fixture or an antiquated brass fan maybe, if I am lucky.

It is no news that just the simple use of color can already significantly influence the feel of a room. Darker colors make a room feel more enclosed but also more cozy. A bedroom would be a great space to use a darker ceiling color. But beware, you generally want to use lighter than wall colors if the room has a ceiling height at or below 8 feet. Don’t be afraid to use unexpected materials such as wallpaper as well.

I am particularly in love with the newest trend in commercial design, which is veering towards grand and dramatic ceiling installations. These installations paired with the right lighting accents usually create the “wow-effect” that we designers love so much. Go for it!

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