For the Love of Color

This week Designbar is taking on our favorite subject: Color! In the next few weeks we are digging deeper into the world of color schemes, and we’re starting with one of our faves: Monochromatic!

MonochromaticIs there one particular color that you absolutely LOVE and can’t live without? Let’s take a look at how that one color can completely transform your home. And no, we’re not talking about matching all your furniture and accessories to the wall color where you wouldn’t be able to differentiate where to sit down…the goal is to make tie everything into that color theme, not create a 2-dimensional interior landscape .

People often tend to underestimate the power of color. It can have a powerful effect on your mood, and there are numerous studies that show different colors have different effects on people. For example, we associate cool colors of blues and greens with water, nature, and the earth. So tones in these families are relaxing, comforting and peaceful. Colors that are complementary to cool tones are the warm tones of reds, oranges and yellows. These colors provoke energy, vitality, and mental stimulation. Some people like to be surrounded by excitement in their home while others like to feel calm.

A monochromatic color scheme is when a single color is used in a room while incorporating variations of that color’s value and saturation. The “value” of a color depends on how much white or black is in it and the “saturation” is how much gray is in the color. Value can be simply translated into its lightness or darkness, as saturation can be related to the color’s intensity or brilliance.

An interesting and successfully designed space doesn’t always have several different colors in the palette. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to pick out 2 or 3 colors that compliment together by looking at that Sherwin Williams paint wall… it can definitely be overwhelming! Just think about the prominent color in the room and accent with colors that are lighter or darker, brighter or duller.

What is going to really “wow” the space is various textures and patterns. By incorporating these other harmonious design elements, besides having a rainbow of colors, your space will be thoughtfully designed. Texture and pattern can be utilized in many areas throughout the space such as pillows, window treatments, area rugs, and wallpaper…. Yes, it’s coming back!

For more inspiration, check out our cool pinterest board with all kinds of monochromatic goodness:

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