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Project Description


Eight Sushi & Asian kitchen is located in the heart of Charlotte, NC at the iconic NC Music Factory. It opened its doors after a 3-month conversion of the previous establishment. The design objective was to create a hip, urban, street art inspired venue with an industrial vibe. The interior design embraces the industrial elements of the 120-year-old mill buildings that make up the Music Factory. Local artists introduced a modern edge with the use of graffiti style street art. Reclaimed Wood and Metal elements are found throughout to emphasize the design objective. Charlotte artist John Hairston’s wall murals are featured in the dining room and behind the bar.

The restaurant’s name ties to the cultural belief that the number 8 is synonymous with luck, profitability and prosperity Therefore, the number 8, is represented in the décor throughout the restaurant through various means. The entrance area features a sake bar and a lounge area with a custom banquette and clusters of Asian inspired side tables. Manila Rope is used as a design element to tie both the bar area and the lounge area together. The rope is looped through the individual lit sake shelves by the bar, then guided up to the ceiling and over to the lounge area where it ends below the window sills. The wall to the side of the seating area features an oversized wall mural of the Japanese number 8, which appears to be branded on top of a reclaimed wood/corrugated metal installation. Colored LED lights behind the wood installation add and create ambiance.

The 60ft long bar is another element that was used to support the design objective. Stenciled street art and graffiti tells the story of The Last Emperor from his birth to his death, and stretches across the entire bar front. The bar top consists of repurposed skateboard deck tiles. Each one looks different and tells a different story.

The dining area is separated into an area with bar height seating (located behind the Sushi bar) and an area with table seating. All tables were custom made with reclaimed NC barn wood. The Asian sign for 8 is branded into the corner of each table. Modern clusters of light globes tied together and hung with red cables function as chandeliers above the bar height tables whereas the back dining area features industrial style light fixtures from Kichler. The back dining area also features a wall with eight LED backlit cubbies that show Icons significant of the Asian culture (e.g. a dragon, a geisha, Bruce Lee, etc)

The wall covering behind the sushi bar features a custom made oversized street art mural. A 325-pound slate Buddha keeps watch over the restaurant from a perch that appears to be floating within an oversized bento box. The overall indoor color scheme is complimentary with neutral accents.

The outdoor space is guarded by a 70 foot long dragon wall mural. The seating has an urban lounge vibe that is accented with LED lit spheres and cubes.

Dates of Construction: May 2014- August 2014

Total Covers: 70 people inside/ 40 people outside