TEXICALI TACO & TEQUILA BAR 2018-08-28T23:17:59+00:00

Project Description


Texicali Taco & Tequila Bar opened its doors after a 3-month conversion of the previous establishment. The design objective was to create a Tex/Mex Cali cuisine atmosphere with a Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) theme combined with Hot Rod elements. The client requested bright and crazy colors, a hot rod booth, Hot Rod bar decor and a touch of whimsical.

Designbar delivered. We were inspired to use the tone of colors used in sugar skull designs from the celebration of Dia de los Muertos and converted that into the color scheme for Texicali. Welcoming you in the entrance is a wall-size mural of a skull and two corpse brides along with a skeleton “riding” a Hot Rod. The previous yellow-wood wainscoting, was painted over with a high gloss black paint and accented with skull medallions to give the restaurant an edge as well as creating a high contrast to the bright colors used throughout the restaurant.

The former stage was converted into a pleasant dining area, which can still be used as a performance area. A pink carpet and a large two way mirror overlooking the space reflecting the bar area when it isn’t a TV showing the games, give the stage a distinct separation to the rest of the dining area.

The bar itself makes a bold statement with a Hot Rod installation as the center piece. A flame design is featured on the bar front alongside the Texicali Logo flanking all four corners of the bar. The theme was brought into the seating with a snakeskin patterned vinyl upholstery.

Dates of Construction: April 2014 – June 2014

Client’s Company: HMG, LLC (Charlotte, NC)