Spring Cleaning: Are You Ready to Declutter Your Life?

The weather is sunny, the sun is warm, flowers are blooming and everyone is generally in a peppy mood. Instead of only getting rid of things you don’t need or want this year, how about some organization about the things you do want while you’re at it? No matter the size of your house or the rooms in it, everyone can use a little de-cluttering. Let’s focus on some areas of your home such as your closet, work space, and the kitchen.

Spring CleaningWhen shopping for a home, most people wince at the sight of the single rod bi-fold door closet. These closets often look like only one season of clothes at a time can fit in it. You don’t have to have a walk-in closet to maximize organization. If you are stuck with a reach in closet, utilize the space you have with extra shelving, baskets, drawers, and stacked hanging rods. Compartmentalization is key to closet storage. Having one open space is actually wasting space by not using what you really have.

This closet has private drawer storage, stacked rods for shirts and a single rod for long clothing items. On the higher shelves items that aren’t used as frequently are stored such as purses and seasonal footwear.

Spring CleaningHow about this for a man’s closet? The industrial sliding door is just hot soup! It’s less effort going in and out of the closet and takes up less space in the room.  Realistically it is a small closet, but all of the negative space is filled in with storage.

This coat closet has maximized its potential. Instead of a single rod that takes up the whole space, there are hooks for coats, baskets for winter bundling, cubbies for shoes and even a bench to put your shoes on. Who says a bench has to be out in the open? It can also be functional in a recessed wall niche as shown in the example. The door-less closet also makes the space visually more open without the solid closed-off doors.

Spring CleaningIs anyone guilty of “organized chaos”? It may seem like you know where everything is even though your desk is a mess but taking that extra step to organize your papers (you’ll get used to it!) will help relief some stress. When you actually have your workspace and important documents labeled and organized, you know exactly where to find them instead of sifting through papers when you “know it’s there somewhere”. Shelving and wall storage components are important in this area to keep your workspace clear and de-cluttered.

Need a small office nook? This home office is a closet without having to do any hard labor recreating the space. The hanging clothes component is still intact being used as shelves. Since there is not a lot of table space, walls are utilized for storage. There is even an adjustable light fixture and window treatments installed to close off the space when not in use.

Spring CleaningHere is another great example of wall organization where there is also room for decorative wall art.

Spring CleaningAnd don’t forget about storage under the stairs! Many homeowners don’t think to use that space underneath your stairs as it is often closed off and forgotten about. Depending on the space in this surrounding area (you may have a hallway next to the stairs in which it may not be enough space), this could be the perfect desk nook.

A lot of families are downsizing in their home selection. In this case, storage is very important because of decrease in size with the same amount of items. In kitchens, there are many gadgets and small appliances. If you don’t have a pantry or a lot of cabinetry, you can utilize storage in the cabinets you do have. New kitchen trends maximize cabinetry storage with functional designs. Here are a few examples:

Designing storage in your home and maximizing the space you have can be very beneficial to creating a less stressful lifestyle. De-cluttering your home can in-turn help de-clutter your mind. Now is the time!

Spring CleaningSpring CleaningSpring CleaningSpring Cleaning

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