Union Jack Is On My Sofa!

Union Jack FurnitureOkay, he’s not literally on my sofa. Actually, Union Jack isn’t a person at all; it’s the national flag of the United Kingdom. It’s also an expression of unity in the United Kingdom and a symbolic combination of the national symbols of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

So what is it doing on my sofa?  It turns out the Union Jack is becoming commonly used in fashion, furniture pieces, art, and even kitchen appliances! It is a bold design with its use of geometric shapes and saturated colors while retaining a minimalist design.

As the world is full of artists and out-of-the-box thinkers, there are many ways Union Jack has been incorporated into a design without the obvious stamp of a patriotic flag. If you’re not a fan of red or blue but love the geometric shapes, there are many other ways to unite the geometric design into your space. We came up with a few cool inspirations but are curious to find out how you would incorporate Union Jack into your space. Leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you think!

Union-Jack_Pic-9-200x300Union-Jack_Pic-10-225x300Union-Jack_Pic-8-199x300Union-Jack_Pic-7-225x300Union-Jack_Pic-6-200x300Union-Jack_Pic-5-232x300Union-Jack_Pic-4-225x300Union-Jack_Pic-3-227x300Union Jack Design

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